Wink i Wear Optometry is deeply concerned about the health and safety of our community during this unprecedented time.  As such, we have decided to be vigilant and temporarily close our doors until it is safe to resume business.  If needed please reach out to us through our website, social media or email

We will continue to post updates & keep in touch through social media. Contact lenses can be ordered directly from our website, and we appreciate your support for this.  Wishing the best to everyone always!


1. Choose Your Contact Lenses

Search and select:

a) Click ORDER NOW

b) Search through library and click on contact lens product that has been prescribed by your Doctor of Optometry

c) Enter in appropriate QUANTITY desired of that particular brand

d) Click ADD TO CART


2. Prescription Confirmation

To facilitate the order, choose one of the following three options:

a) upload a copy of your current contact lens prescription

b) upload a picture of your current contact lens product (showing the parameters)

c) indicate "USE Prescription On File", where the team at the Hollyburn Eye Clinic will verify and use your most recent contact lens prescription we have on file


3. Checkout

Confirm order and make payment:

a) click CHECK OUT if order is correct, then enter contact information as well as shipping address

b) click CONTINUE TO SHIPPING, and confirm FREE option

c) click CONTINUE TO PAYMENT, and complete payment information

d) click PAY NOW